PowerTeacher Pro Videos

Logging In

How do I log in to PowerTeacher Pro?

Switching Between PowerTeacher and PowerTeacher Pro

How do I go back and forth between the teacher portal (for attendance) and the gradebook?

Creating an Assignment

How do I create a new assignment quickly, no frills?

Entering Scores

How do I enter scores for an assignment?

Filling Scores

How do I fill scores?

Update Final Grade

Why don't my Final Grades update immediately?

Setting Up Weighting on a Final Grade

How do I weight my final grades, such as by Category?

Score Attributes

How do I use the special codes when scoring such as ABS, MIS, NHI or INC?

Comments on Assignments

How do I enter a comment on a single assignment score for a student?

Screen Resolution

How do I change the scoresheet to be bigger or smaller (adjust the browser resolution)?

Create a New Category

How do I create a new category?

Inactivate a Category

How do I hide or show a category?

Create an Assignment for a Selected Group of Students

How do I create an assignment that is only for a selected group of students?

Manual Final Grade Override

How do I change the final grade for a student?

Comments on Final Grade

How do I enter a Final Grade comment?

Setting Up Final Grade Weighting

How do I weight my final grade based on categories?

Student Demographics

How do I see student demographic information such as parent emails and phone numbers?

Class Descriptions

How do I add a class description or link to my on-line syllabus?

Viewing a single student's scores

How do I display only one student's grades?

Viewing Final Grades in Graphical Form

How do I see a the progress of final grades of my class in graphical form?

Switching Classes

How do I change classes?